New Chinese frigate delivered to Pakistan


Chinese shipyards’ plans for next-generation ships

The major Chinese state shipbuilding group China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited (CSSC Group) held a special event during the Posidonia maritime exhibition - attended by "Naftemporiki" - giving a glimpse of the ships in the next 20-25 years


Τα σχέδια των κινεζικών ναυπηγείων για τα πλοία επόμενης γενιάς

Ο κινεζικός ναυπηγικός όμιλος εκτιμά πως το μονοπάτι προς την απανθρακοποίηση περνά από πέντε «δρόμους»


CSSC hold Promotion & Reception during Posidonia week

The CSSC Posidonia Promotion & Reception, which is the first Greek market promotion event since the reorganization of CSSC Group, was held in Athens, Greek on June 4th, 2024.


CSSC announces historic deal with QatarEnergy

On Monday, China State Shipbuilding Corp, the world's largest shipbuilder, received what it calls the world's largest single order of ships from energy industry giant QatarEnergy.